MTO Course Provider Since 1997!

About Darrell:

Darrell started his training career in 1997 with Young Driver's of Canada as a franchise owner/operator here in his hometown of Parry Sound. He has extensive training and experience as both a licensed in-car instructor as well as an in-class instructor. Darrell takes an active role in the operations and management of DDT and remains synonymous with leadership in the driver training industry AND has been one of the premier driving schools previously in Parry Sound and in Barrie area where he held the contract with the Simcoe County District School Board providing and offering comprehensive young driver training programs in five different locations within the School Board District for many years and elevated the standards of driver education.

Darrell made the decision in 2016 to move back home and open his own independent training school in Parry Sound where his superior training ability, dedication, service and policy is to provide the highest standard of informative driving instructions to all. Darrell's program has secured him a great reputation and widespread recognition with customers, the Ministry of Transportation and insurance companies.

Discover what over 6,500+ young driver students have received . . . the expertise form DDT that comes with 25 years of training experience!

About DDT:

We are an established MTO Approved Driving School offering services in PARRY SOUND and ALL surrounding areas. Our training facility has been focused around the clients' needs. The program enables an engaging and interactive learning environment. With over 26 years of an unblemished track record we can assure you a positive experience. All our instructors are fully licensed and proficient in results based training. We are focused towards preparing individuals to pass their driving test. Students who complete the course under Darrell's guidance will gain confidence for driving in different traffic and weather conditions, driving defensively and safe driving techniques, avoiding collisions, with reinforcement of all driving principals.

  • We strive to provide superior driver training, and are committed to educate and provide you the knowledge, skills and attitude to become a responsible driver in our complex traffic situations.
  • We are here to help you learn the rules of the road and guide you to become a safe and defensive driver. You will also get practical benefits such as obtaining a potential discount on your insurance premium.
  • At DDT we only use safe, professionally equipped vehicles. All our vehicles are new, clean and safe. Your comfort and safety is our #1 priority!

We are 100% focused on customer satisfaction. Our teams aim is to not only have our students pass the government road test minimums, but surpass them; it's not about having us vouch that the students may qualify for an insurance reduction, but that they learn the skills necessary to best avoid needing to make an insurance claim. Everyone is committed to ensuring that all of the students are instilled with the lifelong skills and the confidence they need to drive safely for years and years to come.

For the team here at DDT, it's about teaching the students the skills necessary to navigate not only densely populated city traffic, but rural driving situations as well. The focus is to build good judgement and skills that can be used to make a life time's worth of safe decisions as well as providing a good foundation for successful driving but it is also the responsibility of the student and the people around them to uphold safe driving practices before, during, and beyond their time at DDT.

At DDT we genuinely care about the welfare of our students both during, and after the completion of their driving lessons. The gift of independence and the growth of our students thereafter is a large driving force of why we do what we do here at Darrell's Driver Training.

  • Our objective is for our students to know and respect all laws, understand the dangers and risks, and to explore all attitudes.
  • Our In-class & in-car instructors are experienced, professional and are well equipped to educate you to become a responsible driver.

We truly understand that earning a driver's license will give you complete mobility and freedom. Our driving course will impart you with driving skills that will last you a lifetime.

Our driving programs are tailored to meet the needs of teenagers, adults and seniors.

DDT's Core Values:

  • RESPECT: We conduct ourselves and our business dealings with respect for our customers, colleagues and each other as individuals and a team.
  • INTEGRITY: We commit to honesty and ethical execution of our business in every way.
  • EXCELLENCE: We are committed to deliver the very best quality and value in all training programs and services.
  • APPRECIATION: We express sincere appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities that our customers provide us and to each other for the support and camaraderie that we enjoy as a team.
  • FUN: We believe that bringing fun into every learning situation enhances our students learning and having fun while delivering our services is crucial in maintaining our high standards.

Mission Statement.

With Insurance costs up and number of collisions on the rise in Ontario, DDT has taken an oath to teach Defensive Driving. Our goal is to make Ontario streets the safest in the country. We constantly strive to create a courteous and driver friendly culture for the drivers of today and the youth of tomorrow. In this endeavor we are always struggling to raise the bar on our teaching standards and professionalism.

  • " Darrell, I wanted to thank you for your help throughout my whole program. I enjoyed your company (and your humor) and appreciated your knowledge and expertise as well as your help with the road test. ... "

    5 Stars
    Scott Stevens

  • " Hey Darrell, I just wanted to say Thanks man for all your help today with me getting my G2!! I'd like to tell those who are thinking about taking a driving course to suggest to them that is the ab... "

    5 Stars
    Jordan Baxter

  • " The summer program was great, I learned a lot from Darrell in class and in the car, and I would definitely recommend this driver training to everyone who is starting to drive! ... "

    5 Stars
    Madison Michel

  • " Thanks Darrell for the great driver training you provided!! You were always patient and calm, explaining clearly the rules of the road. I now feel much more confident in my driving ability.... "

    5 Stars
    Tara Caldwell