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"Hey Darrell, Thanks man for all your patience and help in making me get to where i needed to be to get me to my next step. I aced my G2 test and feel well prepared to drive confidently on our roads.
Thanks again Darrell, Arron
5 Stars
Arron Burnett
"Thank you Darrell for all you did to help me overcome my fears.....I am so much more confident because of you.  You are "THE BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER!"  I will reach out next year for my G2 Exit to book a test package.
Much appreciated,
5 Stars
Marlee Ferris
"Thanks Darrell, I got my G2 yesterday and could not have done it without you. Thanks for taking the time to go through the skills I was graded on with me before my test. I aced my parallel park and was confident going into to the exam. 
Your the man!
Thanks Darrell"
5 Stars
"We sent both of our kids through this training program.  Can't say enough about Darrell and his expertise training given to our boys. Both experiences were above all our expectations and very impressed with the instruction and the entire program they received.
We have signed up our last of 3 kids to do the program with Darrell and tell everyone to enroll in his course for all new drivers who want to be taught by the best.
Highly, highly recommend!!!!
Forever Grateful, 
Libby and Mark Marchard"
5 Stars
"Hi Darrell,
Thanks so, so much for helping Lyndsey. She very much enjoyed the whole program and always said how well versed, calm, how your ease of explaining new maneuvers and patiently helping her work on the ones she didn't always grasp well while not making her feel inadequate. She always looked forward to her lessons and your company. Even with the chaos created by the pandemic and it's difficult challenges it brought for you, you always were very accommodating with her hectic schedule. 
We/she are incredibly grateful to you.
THANK YOU Darrell!! "
5 Stars
Quinn Beatty
"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your patience and the extra time you have taken to help me with my weak points and helped me to build skills and confidence. I know I was a challenge....and you never made me feel anxious and coached me to believe in myself. You really care about your students and would give you 100 stars if I could.
Thank you Darrell   "
5 Stars
Brinley Dixon
"Darrell's Driver Training is hands down the best driving school! He was very patient with me and very relaxed even though I was anxious to start driving. He is very friendly, knowledgeable, funny, kind, and supportive and without his help i would not feel confident in my abilities on the road and behind the wheel.
I am so pumped and ready for my test next month, see you then.
Thank you Darrell, Abigale "
5 Stars
"Hello, my name is Cole. 
I have recently just finished my last driving lessons with Darrell as my driving instructor and wanted you all to know how committed and professional he is.
When I first started with him I had limiting driving experience. Over the ten hours I had with him, I improved tremendously. His teaching was more than a "you will be good enough for the test," It's "You will be ready for life!"
He taught me not only the rules of the road but taught me what you can not find in a book. Darrell took me on the highway and different roads in order to expose me to different situations. His teaching style was great and he is an incredible human being as well as an amazing instructor!. He cares for his students. 
I aced my G1 Exit Test exam yesterday. I will admit, I was very scarred and nervous for my test. But his preparation made the test a breeze. Overall, I am so thankful and lucky to have had him as my instructor and will definitely be asking him to prepare me for my G2 Exit Test.
Thanks Darrell! Your the BEST!!!"
5 Stars
Cole Yates
"Darrell is a super instructor!  He's patient and very thorough, Who would have thought i'd be able to back into a spot in one try, but thats thanks to Darrell! I do suggest Darrell's Driver Training over anything else!  Worth it 100%!"
5 Stars
Trish Cleveland
"I waited until I was 33 years old before learning to drive. In many ways, learning to drive as an adult is more difficult than as a teenager. I had built up so much anxiety, that I felt I needed a professional instructor who had experience with new drivers (family is great, but often they've been driving for so long they forget what it feels like not to know how to drive). Over the course of Darrell's Driver Training Program, I was able to build confidence behind the wheel. I realized that I don't have to be great at every skill all at once. It's okay to need improvement. Eventually, I became more and more comfortable driving with family and friends. Today I'm happy to report that I passed my G2 on the first try! I couldn't have done it without driver training classes."
5 Stars
Al Calway
"Thanks a bunch Darrell for your time in teaching me!! I want to tell you how much I appreciated the extra time and the motivation you put forth in making me overcome my fears! I was so nervous to start driving, but you made me feel confident and gave me all the skills necessary to become a safe and defensive driver.                                                                       
It was because of your patience, your calm demeanor, your knowledge, your kindness, the strategic concepts and your unique technique of skills used in teaching me. It's because of you that I am the driver I am today!                                                                   
This is definitely the BEST driving school and YOU Darrell are the BEST EVER!
Thank you Darrell!"
5 Stars
Hailey Hamilton
"Hey Darrell, I just wanted to send you this to let you know how great you were and how it was doing your course and you can use this on your website to let others know just how well you are at what you teach.  I hope others have the opportunity to do this course and be taught by the BEST! 
Darrell is passionate about educating his clients so they get the most out of their sessions, and can apply his said knowledge immediately to their own driving skills.  My driving abilities are because of his teaching.
My experience with Darrell was incredible - not just for his extensive depth of knowledge, his encouragement, support, but also because he is personable, approachable, fun and he is the real deal! 

There is NO OTHER school to go to but Darrell's!! 
BEST instructor, BEST school!"
5 Stars
Dylan Cooper
"Hey Darrell, I just wanted to say Thanks man for all your help today with me getting my G2!! 

I'd like to tell those who are thinking about taking a driving course to suggest to them that is the absolute BEST training school!

Darrell trains you for the maneuvers in a way that is easy to replicate and get excellent results. His efforts to cover and explain all the different possible road situations, emergency maneuvers and scenarios, purpose of those maneuvers to keep you safe in those situations during the in car lessons  he adapts his training quickly to match one's skill level and made me the driver I am! He is very patient, precise, encouraging, supportive, and was proficient in helping me develop great driving skills. 

His amazing personality reflects in his instruction.  Darrell's great sense of humour has an extremely calming influence making you comfortable and competent doing each lesson. I finished each lesson learning valuable driving skills, knowledge and insight, resulting in me becoming a competent, confident defensive driver.  
Couldn't have done it without him. 
An absolutely fantastic instructor!"
5 Stars
Jordan Baxter
"I was a very nervous driver at first. Within the first few hours of driving practice with Darrell I felt safe and comfortable behind the wheel. Just finished up my hours today and am prepared and excited to take my G2 test! 
Thanks Darrell! 
~ Shelby ~"
5 Stars
"Darrell as my teacher presented a unique style of teaching and showed remarkable patience. Despite holding a driving license from my country and the lack of experience as a driver, Darrell taught me new laws and rules on Canadian roads, how to be proactive, cautious and the ability to be safe on all roadways. He did it in a professional manner, tinged with great humor. 
I am very grateful to him for his time and his exceptional knowledge and expertise in driving skills and instilling and passing them onto to me. Without his teaching, my license still would not be an achievable goal. 
Thank you again Darrell."
5 Stars
Beata Rubina
"I couldn't have passed my G2 without Darrells help!! The program was amazing and taught me everything I needed to know. I would recommend it to anyone of my friends who are looking for a program!"
5 Stars
Jessica Porter
"The summer program was great, I learned a lot from Darrell in class and in the car, and I would definitely recommend this driver training to everyone who is starting to drive! "
5 Stars
Madison Michel
"I am happy to say I passed my G2!! I couldn't have done it without Darrell's help. I learned plenty during the in class lessons and in car lessons. I felt well prepared for my test. Thanks Darrell. "
4 Stars
"I just wanted to thank you and express my gratitude.
I cannot say enough! Darrell you are awesome and AMAZING!!!
You are very encouraging and gave me a lot of confidence in my driving abilities today.  Im soooo excited to have my G2.
Its really clear how very experienced, knowledgeable, patient and fun, and so resourceful you are in your field.  You run your business with such great ethics.
I just cant say enough Mr D!!!  You provide a top-notch service consistently and skillfully. 
This whole experience highly exceeded my expectations. 
The course was so rewarding and you made a stressful time be a positive experience. 
I appreciated your Professionalism, Honesty and Persistence. 
I really enjoyed our conversations and I wish you the best as your business grows!
Thank you Mr D! I will see you for my G.  "
5 Stars
Ashleigh Cummings
"I am beyond excited to just have passed my G2 Road Test! Thanks to you Darrell!
We just started the in car lessons of the course only 3 months ago, me as a completely new driver and with you as an amazing instructor. You were able to effectively identify my individual driving strengths and weaknesses (there were many) and tailored the lessons to ensure that i was becoming confident in performing all the skills required for the practical test and driving in general in the safest and smoothest manner possible.
In addition, your superior communication skills in explaining the steps to parking and backing, the reasons and purposes of road rules, and your great sense of humor made the lessons really enjoyable. 
Definitely recommending you Darrell to anyone preparing for their road test or just wanting to learn to drive. I do however suggest that all new drivers take your training course. 
A personalized high quality experience is guaranteed with you!
I will be back next year when I will be going for my full G. 
5 Stars
Amanda Newbury
"I did my driving lessons with a fantastic driving instructor Darrell!

We did 2 weeks of intensive training for my G as I needed it to work for my dad's company now that I'm finishing up school.  We worked on specific skills until Darrell ensured I was exceptional at the maneuvers. (specifically parallel parking and reverse driving)and your teaching ways are very unique in a way that instills the steps securely in one's memory. 

Thanks Darrell for not giving up on me and pushing me beyond my limits when I often slacked off!

You are a great instructor bud! Your close attention to the small mistakes I made that could have meant a fail on the test. Moreover, you're passionate and really care about your student's passing.  Your professionalism and demeanor, dedication and clarity in explanations was very helpful for someone like myself who doesn't understand something first time round.

In conclusion, I thank you very much for the time you invested in me .

I would recommend DARRELL to anyone and everyone. Thanks bud!"
5 Stars
Matt Walker
""DDT was a great place to learn the foundations of driver training and safety. The classes were thorough and informative, and the in-car lessons were especially helpful. Darrell is an amazing instructor with exceptional skills and has great patience for making his student understand all aspects of each manoeuver he teachs. By the end of my lessons I felt completely comfortable behind the wheel and"I know" I was taught all there was to learn in becoming a safe, cautious, alert and above all a well educated driver because of Darrell. I would recommend Darrell to anyone no matter what age or skill their level is. It was definitely money well-spent. 
Thank you Mr. D!!"
5 Stars
Carlee Cheverette
"Darrell's patience and positive attitude makes learning to drive enjoyable. His level of teaching skills were exceptional and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!!!  Darrell offers all beginner drivers the education they need to understand the rules of the road and the experience they need to drive confidently and consciously, while teaching the concept of the importance of safe driving which everyone should have. He is patient, methodical, very understanding, really cares for his students, and makes you feel very confident behind the wheel. He is the best!! Thanks so much Darrell for your time, patience, commitment and making this an amazing experience."
5 Stars
Emily Scotsman
"Thanks so much Darrell! I was the most anxious learner in the world and you were extremely patient with me. Made me feel at ease behind the wheel and you were very encouraging. I had been with a couple of companies before hand and just wasn't happy with my progress or the instructors. Will and would recommend YOU to anyone/everyone!! I feel like I could conquer the world now and will be able to expand my business and finally be able to take my children on day trips!! 
You're coaching and commitment you put forth in teaching is beyond admirable!!
Words cannot describe how much I owe to you!! 
Thanks so much!!!!"
5 Stars
Joanna Newbury
"I started driving with Darrell with very little confidence in my ability after having lessons with another driving school and an instructor who never corrected my mistakes. Darrell was referred from a friend who had completed the course two years ago. I was nervous but Darrell made me feel comfortable after only a few minutes of being in his training car.  
He is very patient and nurturing which helped my self-assurance.  He was great at explaining where and why I made mistakes and that it's never too late to correct habits. 
It made learning to drive easy having someone who had the abilities to create your interest in being taught the necessary skills to be a competent driver. I will recommend Darrell to anyone looking for a driving course or just to have some lessons.
I'm grateful to have had you as my trainer Darrell.
Many thanks."
5 Stars
Brianne Righton
"Thanks Darrell for your help today in prep for my test. I passed my G2 and I owe it all to you, you are an amazing instructor. You are patient, kind, fun and awesome at what you do. I am so glad I did your program. I will tell anyone I know to call you for sure. 
Thanks so much Mr. D."
5 Stars
Riley McRoberts
"Darrell is an outstanding in-class and in-car teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and highly recommend it to anyone looking into taking a driving program. Darrell did an excellent job in making it a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment for me and has turned me into a much better driver. Can't thank him enough."
5 Stars
"Darrell provided me with excellent knowledge and understanding of the rules of the road. Without him I would have never found how relaxing and fun driving really is. I'm looking forward to receiving more training for my G test.  Thank you very much for the awesome time and learning experience. Grey hair n all LOL "
5 Stars
Kaitlyn Durkan
"Just a short note to thank you Darrell for the quality of instruction you provided to Olivia.  Olivia had no driving experience when she started her lessons and was very anxious and nervous about driving.  She said you were patient, informative, approachable and fun (she enjoyed your humor) and that you always took the time and diligence to thoroughly explain things. You provide on-going positive reinforcement building her driving confidence along the way.  She with your guidance, passed her G2 road test and is now a confident, responsible driver, thanks to the excellent classroom and in-car driver training she received!"
5 Stars
Our Gratitude, Alex and Anna Arlington.
"Thank you Darrell for your help with my exam prep today!!! I passed all because of you. You are an awesome coach and you taught me so much. I always looked forward to my lessons and I am so glad I took your program. 
Thanks Darrell!"
5 Stars
Addie Parry
"Darrell was an excellent driving instructor making the sessions enjoyable as well as educational.  He taught me the important rules of the road and greatly improved my driving skills, Thank you Darrell!"
5 Stars
"Thank you Darrell! You are awesome and I appreciated your professionalism.
I learnt so much in class and in car. I especially liked the driving lessons cause you made it both fun and informative, explaining every step and purpose.
I am excited to do the prep lesson with you next week for my road test.
See you then."
5 Stars
"Darrell's driving lessons gave me lots of helpful tips, and I know I am a much better driver because of them! He was professional, but still very fun! I really appreciated his patience and encouragement with me as a new driver, and he was excellent at giving me the right tools to become a safe and confident driver. 
Definitely recommend his services! 
Thank you so much... Cheers!"
5 Stars
Abby D'olivat
"Just sending this review to say thanks Darrell! Great course - everyone should go through a course as detailed and informative as this! You have a unique and professional approach of teaching driver training. I am confident that I will be prepared for any road hazard now after doing your program."
5 Stars
Steven Adams
"Hi Mr. D, just wanted to let you know that I passed the test today. I felt that I was well prepared for the test, even though I was nervous your encouragement meant a lot.  I knew what the examiner expected of me because of your help yesterday. 
Thank you Darrell."
5 Stars
April Adair
"Darrell made the driving program very enjoyable. Darrell was very knowledgeable and helped me better understand the importance of safe driving and I also learnt a great deal about driving defensively. He was ALWAYS encouraging, a master at instilling the importance of each skill he taught. His teaching method is active and lively. He made it educational and fun!"
5 Stars
Joel ackson
"Darrell, I wanted to thank you for your help throughout my whole program. I enjoyed your company (and your humor) and appreciated your knowledge and expertise as well as your help with the road test. I will see you next November for my G. 
Thanks man."
5 Stars
Scott Stevens
"Hey Darrell, thanks for helping man. I aced my exam this morning.
Take car bud."
5 Stars
Alex Raybram
Just wanted to let you know that I passed my test today! You're a great teacher and I will highly recommend your school.
Thanks Darrell."
5 Stars
Chris Cunningham
"This is the best driving school ever!!!!  I learnt so much, so much more than I knew there was to learn. You made it fun and I loved your humor!
Thanks for helping me pass the test Darrell.
I couldn't have done it without you!  😊"
5 Stars
Shelby McStevens
"Just wanted to leave a thank you message. 
Thanks Darrell! I'm so glad I took the course and got my G2 because of your great teaching.
I will see you in a year to do my G test package.
Take care."
5 Stars
"The In class was so much fun, it was like having a conversation the whole time. 
Darrell was awesome and so, so knowledgeable. I learnt so much. 
I can't wait to start driving lessons!"
5 Stars
Sarah Stewart
"Hey Darrell, I just want to say thanks for your help with the driving lessons and doing the test prep with me.  I passed because of your know-how. 
Thanks man."
5 Stars
"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you have done preparing Brendan for driving. From the moment we phoned your office to the completion of the driving course, you and your office staff have been professional and understanding in all aspects. We will gladly recommend Darrell's Driver Training to our friends and family."
5 Stars
Patricia and Philip Scott
"My son Michael just passed his driving test on Tuesday, October 13 with the help of your expertise. You were always friendly, fun, encouraging, percise and made Michael feel so comfortable. Throughout the entire process, you went out of your way to make this confusing and often nerve-wracking experience very easy and pleasurable for all of us.
Thank you Darrell.  We will be sure to recommend Darrell's Driver Training."
5 Stars
Teresa Thomas
"Thank you Darrell for your time and patience in teaching me to drive.  You made me feel really comfortable when you knew I was very nervous behind the wheel.  You always took extra care and time in explaining the process of steps in backing, parking and the three point turn - which you spent alot of time helping me in perfecting them.  You are an awesome teacher and will and have recommended you to my friends. 
Thanks so much."
5 Stars
"I have to say my experience has been amazing.  I can't thank you enough.
In only one month, you transformed me.. from an inexperienced driver terrified of the road, to passing my road test. You were very patient as well as being very informative. You taught me and helped me learn from my mistakes. I had so much fun learning with you and I am so confident behind the wheel because of you. You encouraged me from day one. Because of this school, I have acquired valuable road skills that I will have for life. 
I would recommend this school to anyone. 
Thank you Darrell and thank you to Darrell's Driver Training!"
5 Stars
Kristen Burden
"Thank you Darrell for your great teaching.  I am a much more confident driver in my abilities.  I aced my test because of you!
Thanks Darrell."
5 Stars
Rachel Rachon
"Darrell is a fantastic instructor who was understanding and made things clear and concise throughout my training. I developed new and easier methods of performing general maneuvers that helped me greatly when it came to passing my test. He was always prompt and early for the start of lessons, and would often give extra time at the end if he had availability to ensure I made the most out of my lesson. 
I will certainly strongly recommend him as an instructor to anyone looking to take up driving. Many thanks to him for helping me to pass my test! 
Things can be easy if you have a good teacher, I appreciated for your help in being successful with my road test too.
I have told all my friends to join Darrell at his school and am sure they too will be victorious. 
Thanks again Darrell!"
5 Stars
"Thanks so much Darrell for helping me pass my driving test first time. You definitely know what is required to drive safely and competently. You were friendly and professional at all times. You were so great the morning of the test, checking me in and dealing with the admin side of things. I am so glad I did the course. I would have no hesitation in recommending you as a driving instructor for or to anyone.
Thanks for your expertise!"
5 Stars
Danielle Davis
"Thank you Darrell for this amazing experience. You made each lesson personalized, motivational, strategic, while teaching and implementing strategies for safe and collision free driving. Your demeanor and sense of humor made it fun while reinforcing key factors of the dangers that surround everyday driving.
Your interactive coaching helped in developing the sense of judgement, observation and confidence one has to be as a responsible driver.
I can not thank you enough. I appreciated and enjoyed every lesson!
Very grateful to have had you as my mentor!
Take care!"
5 Stars
Olivia Osterburg
"Thanks Darrell for the great driver training you provided!! You were always patient and calm, explaining clearly the rules of the road. I now feel much more confident in my driving ability."
5 Stars
Tara Caldwell
"Thorough, knowledgeable and concise, Darrell is a great instructor and teacher. He makes sure that he gets you to a level where you feel confident and comfortable driving on the road."
5 Stars
Jordan McFarlane
"I was so impressed with the in-car lessons I received from Darrell's Driver Training when I had my G1 that I am returning all the way from London, Ontario for private lessons as a re-fresher before taking my G2 exit test. Highly recommend!"
5 Stars
Kelly - 32 year old, London, ON.
"I was extremely nervous behind the wheel when I was first learning how to drive. I was scared that I would never get my G2. After my first lesson- everything changed! Not only did the instructor (Darrell) make me feel comfortable behind the wheel, but competent as well. I got my G2 on the first try and now enjoy being on the open road every chance I get. I highly recommend Darrell's Driver Training!"
5 Stars