Private Lessons:

$100.00 per hour/HST included.


Offering Private Lessons for a variety of purposes.

A Private Lesson evaluation is available to help new or experienced drivers assess their current skill level. The lessons are customizable to your needs and the training can focus on parking, reversing, three point turns, city or freeway driving depending on the needs of the student. One of our trained professionals will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, then identify the training options that will help you earn your license - or just to sharpen your skills and improve your confidence.

If you are purchasing a private lesson for test preparation:

The Instructor will assess your driving abilities and assist in preparing you for a successful result.

  • The hour review lesson has proved itself extremely beneficial for individuals who need to make sure that they are at a safe and suitable standard before doing their road exam.
  • The lesson helps ensure you are prepared; highlighting areas in need of additional practice, refreshing vehicle operation skills, help reduce anxiety, and boosts student's confidence before the road exam.
  • The instructor will review the components of what the examiners will be testing you on.

All in-car lessons are private and arranged directly with the instructor for maximum convenience.