Our Driver Training Programs & Packages:

~ MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider. ~

Once you enroll for driving lessons with Darrell's Driver Training (DDT) you will be investing on skills for a lifetime that will keep you safe every time you are behind the wheel.

Full Certificate Course:

This is our award leading service package. It is designed for people who have little or no driving experience and need to complete the Beginner Driver Education course to earn the Driver's License History to be eligible for an insurance discount. The goal of this program is to train drivers in various collision prevention techniques while developing positive road sense that promotes mutual understanding, cooperation and courtesy on the roads.

  • Our program consists of a variety of strategies to lure your attention and not only to learn but to have fun learning the privileges and responsibilities of a licensed driver in Ontario! Students are exposed to real life driving scenarios.
  • Our instructors make this learning process fun. Classes are interactive consisting of open discussions in that they use overheads, videos, power point presentations, request group work, assignments, motivate and promote students ideas and participation.
  • Our programs evoke reality in the world of driving while satisfying our clients as they understand they're privileges and responsibilities.

Defensive Driving:
We know the importance of having the proper training when faced with unforeseen circumstances; this is why we instill the defensive driving techniques in our courses to ensure that you have the confidence and ability to take on all types of conditions in any type of weather.

**THE BDE COURSE IS TO BE COMPLETED IN ONE YEAR FROM COURSE START DATE AS PER MTO REGULATIONS Section 3.1.9 and Section 4.1.8 of the Beginner Driver Education Program Guidelines. NO EXCEPTIONS.**

Key Benefits of Our Course:

  • Private in-car Lessons
  • Emergency Observation
  • Adverse Driving Conditions
  • Personalized Training Techniques
  • Driving Strategically
  • Risk Awareness/Assessment
  • Observation Techniques
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Positive Driving Attitudes
  • Hazard Perceptions
  • Braking, Reversing and Parking Techniques
  • Defensive Driving Techniques

Test Packages:

This package is designed for people who have some driving experience and just need to do the G1 Exit to get their G2 license or to achieve their full G license.

Driver Improvement Program:

Refresher/ Improvement Program is for individuals with prior driving experience seeking to refresh their driving skills. Customize your program to include as many 1 hour in-car lessons as needed.

License Reinstatement:

We are certified to offer a Driver Improvement Program for drivers that have temporarily lost their license and have been instructed to complete a course as part of the license reinstatement process. We will help you to improve your defensive driving skills and get you back in the drivers seat!

Mature Driver Lessons:

Staying mobile is important to the lifestyle of today's seniors. Growing older doesn't mean you have to give up driving. A re-test can be a stressful situation for many seniors. We can help provide a relaxed atmosphere in which to prepare for the test and to help reduce test anxiety. Mature drivers will benefit from a higher level of driver education - Our Instructors will assess your driving skills and give feedback throughout the drive on both your good driving habits as well as those which may need improvement, or to improve their Driving Skills to gain good driving habits and be a safe and Defensive Driver. We will also review the MTO road test expectations.

We at DARRELL'S DRIVER TRAINING believe that driving should be an enjoyable experience at all ages - each person should be responsible for their actions. Ontario's roads are among the safest in North America so it's important that every road user makes road safety a personal responsibility. If you're a senior driver, you may benefit from doing driving lessons to help you stay on the road as long as you can by having your license reinstated after redoing an MTO exam.

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Students are expected to act in a mature and appropriate manner at all locations of instruction including but not limited to: classroom, office, parking area of school location AND during behind-the-wheel instruction. Students MUST follow all direct instructions during ALL in-car lessons.

We cannot list all the rules of behavior, other than to say students are to be mature and act appropriately. Failure to do so may result in discipline, including dismissal from the course with NO REFUND.

***We have sole discretion to determine what is appropriate behavior either by the student and/or disrespectful or inapt parental interference.***