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Are all of the instructors MTO approved?


Do Beginner Driver Education course graduates qualify for an insurance discount?

Students who successfully complete a BDE program may be eligible for a potential insurance discount. Students are advised to notify their insurance company of course completion by providing their insurance company with a Driverís Licence History (DLH) which is proof of successful course completion. A discount is not part of MTOís BDE Program. You will need to check with your insurance company regarding their discounts.

Do you offer payment plans and how can I pay for the course?

We offer flexible payment plans that can be prearranged with the office directly. The deposits at the time of registration vary depending on the package you request. We accept payment by Cash, Credit and Debit.

How can I have additional in vehicle private lessons beyond the 10 hours I receive with this program?

After completing the BDE program you may arrange for any additional driving lessons by requesting them with your instructor. Additional private lessons fees are $50.00 per hour paid directly to your instructor.

How do I find out about my driving appointments?

Your in-vehicle instructor will phone you after the completion of your in-class instruction to set-up your first lesson. Please allow two weeks for the instructor to make contact with you. Later sessions will be booked at the end of each lesson.

How many hours are there of in-vehicle instruction?

10 hours, with a Ministry of Transportation (MTO) licenced in‑vehicle instructor.

How many hours are there of in-class instruction and for the independent study?

20 hours with a licensed in-class instructor and 10 hours independent study (Student Workbook).

Please bring a copy of "The Official MTO Driver's Handbook" to class.

May I use my driving instructorís vehicle for my road test?

Yes by private agreement between you and your driving instructor. There is an additional fee for this service.

What happens if I miss an in vehicle lesson?

Please give your instructor at least 24 hours notice to reschedule your lesson. If you miss an in-vehicle session with less than 24 hours notice you will be asked to pay a fee of $50.00 for a missed one hour session and $1000.00 for a missed two hour session. You may continue your in-vehicle lessons when all fees have been paid.

What is the in-vehicle student/instructor ratio?

In-vehicle student/instructor ratio is one to one.

When are in-vehicle appointments available?

  • After school
  • Lunch periods or spares
  • Mutually agreed upon times

When can the appointment be made for my road test?

We advise that you book your road test (G1 exit exam) no earlier than two weeks after you have completed the entire BDE program to allow time for your certification to be completed with MTO.

When will I receive my Beginner Driver Education Student Certification?

Two weeks after successfully completing your BDE program, you may purchase a Driverís Licence History (DLH) for $12.00 from the Service Ontario office.This will show your Registered Driver Education Course Completion at the bottom of the form. This is required for insurance rate discounts, if applicable, and to allow you to take your road test after only 8 months with your G1 designation. You will need to provide your Driverís Licence to obtain your Driverís Licence History (DLH).

Where do I get picked up for my driving lesson?

Pick-up and drop-off is usually at your home school or at a mutually agreed upon location the instructor has approved.

Who do I contact if I miss an in-class session?

If you miss an in-class session please call our office at 705-719-6275 to make arrangements to attend a makeup class, offering the same content, at a later date.

Who sets up the appointment for the road test with the MTO?

You, the student, are responsible for booking your road test.